Pirate On The Run

Pat Monahan

Pirate on the Run

She woke up in a town made of quick sand
Gets harder to move every day she stays
He woke up in the same hotel he always does
Just different numbers on the door

Well maybe they'll meet
And maybe they wont
Well maybe they love each other
And maybe they don't

She's a gypsy
He's a pirate on the run

Her yes, they know too much
She'll treat you like somebody but you just can't touch
His smile ain't seen the light of day
Exchanged it for some treasure somewhere along the way
Maybe the stars will align so they can sail on together
Or maybe he'll steal her life and she'll take his heart
And his favorite sweater

She's a gypsy
He's a pirate on the run

Oh yes they finally did meet
And let me tell ya
We love the first and last kind of love
I was perfect for her soul
I was perfect for his heart
And together we are perfect apart

Back when it was only you and me
Baby we were gonna be fine
Oh then reality made sure that you'd never be mine

I'm a gypsy
He's a pirate on the run

Yeah that's right
She's a gypsy
And I'm a pirate on the run
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