You know life runs after me
Get in after me
Like Pavlov's Dog
I'm like a bell that's ringing
Start drooling at the mouth when you see me
Leave all the work to me
Untie your big bone

Yeah, you're remora
I did remora
I had remora

I'm your mom up on the porch
Come and get it
Accomplish something for yourself
If I'm not back yet
Eat a sturdy, perfect host
To keep you well fed
For a parasite like you
Leftovers will do

Goodness, you're remora
I do remora
Yeah, I had remora

More, more, more remora
More, more, more remora
More, more, more remora
Come on let us play along, yeah
Stay away from my mouth, yeah
You know I would hate to hurt you
I'll make sure to leave the scraps out

Yeah, you're remora
Did remora
Had remora
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