Jump Baby, Jump


Jump baby jump
Spread your wings out and float away
Why no-one has managed to fly before
To swoop like an eagle
To glide and to soar o're the waves
But beware now of falling babe

Come follow to ship babe
Come follow the dreamer's wake
Circle round the high mast
Fly over the bow then rise to the sun babe
No-One will catch you not now
But beware now of falling babe

Try holding your breath gal
Try fishing the waters deep
Catch the silvery shark and slippery eel
All there to choose from
Alle there to catch and to steal
But beware now of drowning babe

Now you're seven hundred feet up
Looking down on the rolling sea
Down below seagulls float on the warm sunny air
Wves break and scatter all over
But don't go nowhere
Beware now of falling babe
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