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Destruction Of Your Body


Confusing your numb brain - mad and sick hallucinations
The feel of regurgitating
Makes you reek of deplorous decay
Needles piercing your skin - punching holes in your mind
Pressure so fastly builds
Makes your brains and heart explode

Emptiness - nothingness - meaningless - existence

Shed your skin - destruction of your body
Spill your blood - destruction of your body
Slice your flesh - destruction of your body
Taste your death - destruction of your body

Cut your flesh with a knife - bright and cold, gushing red
Licking your morbid pain - your cursed life dripping away

Tearing your throat, tearing your lungs
Lacerating your dried black veins
The destruction of your body

Carnivorous worms of decay - your cursed life i'll eat away
The destruction of your body

Bleeding like a corpse rejected by the black vultures
I can see the pleasure and the glory in your eyes
Feeding off the slow insidious caress of the blade
The desire for death dripping from your utter misery

Disfigured carcass thrown in a cold slab
Scream for salvation, no god will hear you

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