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Only The Wind

Pet Shop Boys

It's only the wind blowing litter all around
Just a little wind and the trees are falling down
There's nobody crying, that was yesterday
Inside we're all smiling, everything's okay
It's only the wind blowing cans along the streets
Someone's dustbin lid
Plying havoc with the peace
There's nobody hiding
Behind a locked door
And no one's been lying 'cause we don't lie anymore
It's only the wind, how it takes you by surprise!
Suddenly begins
Then, before you know, it dies
My hands are not shaking
I don't touch a drop
You must be mistaken, I know when to stop
When life is calmer
I have no doubt
No angry drama
A storm blows itself out
It's only the wind, they say it's getting worse
The trouble that it brings
Haunts us like a curse
My nerves are all jangled
But I'm pulling through
I hope I can handle what I have to do
When life is calmer, I have no doubts
No angry drama
A storm blows itself out (2x)

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