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Up Against It

Pet Shop Boys

News in this city
breaks without pity
Long after the war has ended
we're still in fatigues

Up against it
The higher you fly
the further you fall
Up against it
wondering why
we fought after all

Such a cold winter
with scenes as slow as Pinter
Synchronise your watches
There's still time to kill

Up against it
Drinking this swill
to sweeten the pill
Up against it
The more that it hurts
the less that it works

Wrapped in nostalgia
to queue for a show
Back to Trafalgar
One kiss then I'll go

So deep in quicklime
the bones of an old crime
I knew a man who raked them over
He's still suffering

Up against it
Buried so deep
it gives me the creeps
Up against it
The longer you hate
the more that it grates
Up against it
Look left then right
and run for you life

The more that it hurts
the less that it works

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