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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys


i grew up dreaming of being a cowboy
and loving the cowboy ways
pursuing the life of my high riding heroes
i burned up my childhood days
i learned all the rules of a modern day drifter
don't you hold on to nothing too long
just take what you need and don't look back
were the words of some sad country song

my heros have always been cowboys
and they still are it seems
sadly in search of and one step in back of themselves
and their slow moving dreams

now, cowboys are special with their own brand of misery
from being alone too long
to die from the cold in the arms of a nightmare
knowing well that your best days are gone
and picking up hookers instead of my pen
i let the words of my youth fade away
old worn out saddles and old worn out memories
with no one and no place to stay

my heroes have always been cowboys
and they still are it seems
they never stay home and they're always alone
even with someone they love

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