I Like You

Phyllis Nelson

Hey you, over there
Everybody everywhere
To feel good yeah
Say I like you

From the first time
Feel it
Say I like you
Just holler when you mean it
Say I like you yeah

I like you I like you I like you I like you
Yes I do
I like you.......
Yes I do
Yes I do

Oo the wine a taking of rhythm
In this divine friendship we share
Like the wine mellow so sweet
Let us mesmerize each other
And joy will keep
And later on when you need someone
Don't you hesitate to call me on the phone

I like you........ yes I like you...
I do

I like to say I care for you
I love you
And if I had my way
I'd say everyday, yes I would

Well I just got to know if you know
What I feel for you is real
And when you feel what I feel for you is real
All you got to do is let me know so
Just say so

I like you I like you
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