Say Nothing

Pianos Become the Teeth

So let's say nothing some more
Because this is something more than me
And I got what I need
But sleeping
When I should've been alive
It still gives me sand
But clouds my eyes
I thought about the rust

The quote on the ledge about living on
"That great conciousness of life"
Oh, what we frame and hang to get by
Whatever keeps your heart light
Whatever keeps you is all right by me
But maybe I don't want to talk about
How this life layed me down
Or how I saw the change because
I didn't see you everyday

Unspoken looks and what the leaving took
A lack of noise isn't a lack of life
And that's the way I think it's always been
Because, "I say it all, when I say nothing at all"
So let's say nothing some more
And let the words burn their way across the floor
Because if these walls could talk

I still couldn't get over a God damned soul
And I can't hold smoke
So let's say nothing some more
Because the sand stays with me
Because the sand keeps you
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