I Apologise

P.J. Proby

I'm sorry so sorry
What more can I say
Never knew how much you meant to me

Till I went away
It's my fault all my fault
That we're apart
I'd give anything if I could be
Back with you sweetheart

If I told a lie,If I made you cry
When I said goodbye I'm sorry
From the bottom of my heart dear
I apologise

If I caused you pain, I know I'm to blame
Must have been, believe me
From the bottom of my heart dear
I apologise

I realize I've been unfair to you
Please let me make amends
Don't say that you forgot the love we knew
After all we were more than friends
If I've made you blue,I've had heartaches too
Now I beg of you forgive me,
From the bottom of my heart,dear
I apologise
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