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Just to be the one


You asked me: Where we are? One or two
I said it was a chance, a cool romance
In spite of all my own
I said: It works well, love and sex
My point is to believe
If you still believe…
Seeing signs, what happen
The songs are calling…
And its all I got
Trust in me
Just to be the one, just to be the one
I knew, shall we?
Let my self go, let myself go
And see
A storm maybe comes, hard to let you go
But thank you for believe
So blame on me
Just to be the one
Its you, my pleasant dreams

Why do you waste your time?
Boring time with strange girl like me
A crime or a brave lie is something more
Than stuffs you used to see
I said: It tasted good, drive me to the place I never was, back my words
A crazy licence you’ve got it
The most beatiful sorrow
I know, is what you call love
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