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Go Out and Love Someone


No one can say he's lived until he's loved
Then go out and love someone
I do, her
Have you told her?
No, you know me, I'm too shy
Here, I could cable her!
Well, on second thought
You've got to declare yourself openly, otherwise you'll stay right where you are!

I am a plain, simple man, I have plain, simple feelings and I use plain, simple words
And I simply have to let you know, plainly, that I
That I plainly, simply

I think he's rather nice
Then you have him
Oh, no, really, I think you ought to give him a chance
He seems kind of helpless
Helplessness is the last thing I am looking for

Oh, please, if we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, you must learn not to interrupt
Rest of our lives?
You mean marriage?
Of course
You've got a nerve!
I've got several, they all function normally
Do you realize what you've said?
I should do. It pounded my brain often enough, asleep and awake in the drowsy fantasy moment of every lonely dawn
Well, go on, what's your answer?
You take my breath away
Oh, it's just the sudden realization, you see here, of the fact that, that I love you

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