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On The Second Side


Somewhere on the second side
Where's the day when here's the night
I saw u how u danced on the street
Listened to ska and stomped your feet

Emptiness has gone from my poor life
And u filled the vacuum in my heart
I understood that we were walking the same way
Baby can u fill my heart again

And she smiled
I tried too
When her love
Became true
So we were laughing everything was fine
And I knew she's only Gmine
Oh I´m in love...

I asked her "what about friends?"
And she told me "there´s no one else"
So I said "let´s have a tea"
She smiled like a summer breeze

Now u live here by my side
Through the days and through the nights
And I wanna tell u something yet
You're the best girl I´ve ever met...
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