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All Along The Watchtower


There must be some kinda way outta here
There must be some way outta here said
The joker to the thief
There must be some way outta here, this place

Said the clown to the crook
There's so much hustle and bustle
So much disgusting and, my man, its got me shook
See, they come in with their suits and their ties
They hollow my bottles and step on my pride
Hop in their SUVs and ride, damn
They trample my earth
I rant and i curse
But there ain't no gettin' across
See they don't know what it's worth
Or they do, but they don't care
Super sized, terrified way more than their share
But my share, they don't share, I'm scared
I'm only half way past the righteous type
But I'm thinkin' like Bronson
And I'm gonna take one of their righteous lives

"Calm down", the crook spoke
Lit up a smoke,
Ashed it in the cuff of his jeans
And cleared his throat like (coughs)
While this cigarette is killing me,its calming me
Most these people see this life as comedy
But not me. And not you.
I appreciate your vision
I waste my breath on cigarettes
You waste your breath on people who don't wanna listen
See, we aint got a pot to piss in and we cool with that
But keep in mind that most people see us as rats
And I aint saying you shouldn't try and let 'em know
You know what ignorance is.
If you was happy would you let it go?

He stood up, his pointer finger pressed right next to his ear
"Your next world war and your revolution's right here"
Yeah that, or you should kill us all.
My last request?
Triple Rock homie, last call.

All along the watchtower, watch how we knocks our, sweet imcomplete's
To a prince, see the serfs, see unique, see the threat but we don't see defeat
See the threat but we don't see defeat

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