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Children Of The Dream

Power Quest

When I was young, spent my time just dreaming
Moving on to find a better life.
Seen enough of sorrow to last me all my days
Heard enough of how it doesn't have to be that way.

All I ever wanted was to keep the dream alive
All I ever needed was someone to be my guide.
How was I to know where the road of life would go
Could I make the journey on my own?

We're all Children of the Dream
That lives in us unseen
Forever young.
We're all Children of the Dream
Wherever we may be
Forever dream.

As I grew up, start to see how life goes
Reality that childhood has to end.
Funny how those teenage years seem long but pass on by
Funny how the memories resemble someone else's life.

All is lost, innocence is gone forever
Hope the dream will never end.
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