Drunkard Psalm

Prince Buster

Words of wisdom cometh from the wise man
Wise man says: This is the Drunkard Psalm
To the inspiration of I,Prince Buster.

Rum is their Shepherd and they live in want.

It maketh them to lie down in the gutter on an empty stomach
And vomit up some green things they did not eat.

It has anointed their income with outcome.

It leadeth them in the path of destruction for its proof's sake.

Yea, though they walk through the streets of Kingston,
They're as hungry as hell, and they do fear evil,
For they cannot see.

It prepares disaster before them in front of their friends,
And, for a long time, it has anointed their head with blood.
Their veins run dry.

Surely man, surely, surely as the sun riseth,
Poverty and hunger shall follow them all the days of their life,
And they shall fight with the Land-Lord forever.

I gave you the Ten Commandments,
But your Ten Commandments cannot be kept,
Unless you set an example for your woman-kind.
Thou shalt not drink the rum.
It's for destruction.

This is the Drunkard Psalm
Keep it set in your mind,
And you'll have a good clean liver.

Words from the wise man,
Words from the wise man,
Wisdom cometh from the wise man.
Take heed to the wisdom of the wise man.
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