I Like It A Lot

Princess Superstar

Hey Hey Hey
I Like it, I like it a lot
Hey Hey Hey
I like it, I like it!

Baby if you wanna go right to the top
I'll take you there cuz I ain't never stop
I'm gonna do something never seen before
I'm gonna change the world so you wanna score?
I said…All…Night…Long….

Everybody's gonna get real tight
We get uptight, get uptight now
Everybody's gonna get real nice
Gonna get real tight we get uptight now
Everybody's gonna, everybody's gonna, everybody's gonna waaaaaaaaaaaa!

Baby gonna go right to the top
Nothin gets in my way when I see what I want
Just you wait and see what I got up my sleeve
You can scream, go ahead call the police
But it's All…Night….Long….
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