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Bullitts Dominae

Pure Reason Revolution

Give me a rest, this all confirms my paranoia
I need some thoughts, just gather some thoughts & feelings
God my brain distorts, pictures then rearranges
Slowly surely new meanings will come as everythin arranges

She gives them a test on all the times that i've made trouble
Her friends she talks, just gathers her thoughts the meetings off
She drains assorts, stricture & disarrangement
Wholly surely new feelings will come as every thing arranges

Bullitts dominae/ Feel the calm forever
Bullitts dominae/ She walks steady to the shore
Bullitts dominae.

And as i ask them the same i feel insistent
Everyone's falling sun-sucide's optimal
And as i ask them inside everlasting the inosphere's collided!
Everyone's falling sun-sucide's optimal

She gives manifests & all the while impressed she follows
& leaves unexpressed, just gathers the flaws but i'm weary
From the same discourse, richer from the old strangers
Slowly surely new meanings will come as everything arranges

Bullitts dominae, flare

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