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Push Play

Push Play

Hey whats up its nick right here
Let me make just one thing clear
We have a show coming near
So make sure you bring all your peers
Its on February 1 4
Ill see you on the dance floor
We'll play cover girl and more
And well be rocking so hardcore
The crazy donkey is so great
So make sure you are not late
Valentines day is the date
You just may find your soul mate
So ill see you there at the show
I really hope that you all go
If you don't then I will know
Yeah man check my flow

Cj is the name
And I'm here to proclaim
3rd time at the School of Rock
But it wont be the same
February 27th and you'll feel like your in heaven
Heaven? Heaven?
Gonna rock out with my sock out
This show is bound to be a knockout
Gonna party like its 1979
Before I was even a thought in my mothers mind

Looking back everyday
Hustlin' to get paid
Day by day by day by day
Its Drock
Now listen to my funkshway

Febuary 28th
Gunna see ya at the crock rock
Gunna wear a leotard
Gunna getcha to look at my big ben clock

Don't get the crock rock mixed up with the alligator bangcock It's two different places just like that time I was in a white robe on 143 magnolia street
We is gunna make your hands wave to the beat
Get out of you seat
Make duck butter in the heat

A yo its stevey I play the guitar and make it look easy
I was seen strolling the road just the other day
This girl came up to me with only this to say
"push play is my favorite band, omg its nick he's my favorite man"
I said March 1st, 2009 be at the Trackside Teen Center cause you looking fine
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