1. 1

    Q-Tip - Breathe And Stop

  2. 2

    Q-Tip - A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) (feat. Fergie GoonRock)

  3. 3

    Q-Tip - Amplified

  4. 4

    Q-Tip - N.T.

  5. 5

    Q-Tip - All In

  6. 6

    Q-Tip - Barely In Love

  7. 7

    Q-Tip - Believe

  8. 8

    Q-Tip - Buddy

  9. 9

    Q-Tip - Dance on glass

  10. 10

    Q-Tip - Do It

  11. 11

    Q-Tip - Do it, See it, Be It *

  12. 12

    Q-Tip - Do U Dig U

  13. 13

    Q-Tip - End Of Time

  14. 14

    Q-Tip - End Of Time (feat. KoRn)

  15. 15

    Q-Tip - Even If It Is So

  16. 16

    Q-Tip - Fight/Love

  17. 17

    Q-Tip - For The Nasty

  18. 18

    Q-Tip - Get Involved

  19. 19

    Q-Tip - Gettin' Up

  20. 20

    Q-Tip - Go Hard

  21. 21

    Q-Tip - Hey

  22. 22

    Q-Tip - Higher

  23. 23

    Q-Tip - Hot Boyz (Missy Elliott) (Remix ft. Nas, Lil' Mo, Eve, & Q-Tip)

  24. 24

    Q-Tip - Johnny is Dead

  25. 25

    Q-Tip - Just A Lil Dude (Who Dat Ovah There)

  26. 26

    Q-Tip - Let's Ride

  27. 27

    Q-Tip - Life Is Better

  28. 28

    Q-Tip - Like That

  29. 29

    Q-Tip - Makin' It Blend

  30. 30

    Q-Tip - Manwomanboogie

  31. 31

    Q-Tip - Move

  32. 32

    Q-Tip - Moving With U

  33. 33

    Q-Tip - Official

  34. 34

    Q-Tip - Offishal

  35. 35

    Q-Tip - Poetry

  36. 36

    Q-Tip - Renaissance Rap

  37. 37

    Q-Tip - Shaka

  38. 38

    Q-Tip - The Fear In The Heart Of A Man

  39. 39

    Q-Tip - Things U Do

  40. 40

    Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing

  41. 41

    Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing Remix

  42. 42

    Q-Tip - Wait Up

  43. 43

    Q-Tip - We Fight/We Love

  44. 44

    Q-Tip - What Lies Beneath

  45. 45

    Q-Tip - Won't trade

  46. 46

    Q-Tip - Work it out

  47. 47

    Q-Tip - You

Breathe And Stop


Uh uh uh uh uh get up Uh uh for real uh uh Come on Ummah, Ummah, Ummah, Ummah [Q-Tip] A hard time if your motion is still Let me move some things around because the lyrics is ill Abstract..you know my stiggidy in here [yeah] Niggaz get on and swear it's they fuckinyear But yo your girl just moved to the joint in the club, in the car if it groove [uhh] Broad look, the movement is on Mild mannered mami's in Victoria thongs, uh I give my rhyme a bless Guaranteed to make it right if your night is a bust [yeah yeah] You Vivrant and you fresh and all Original to say the least and you've impressed Kamal [come on] Rappers start then they stall Findin it very hard to make it over the wall Hey, get your weight up, my motto you heard? And I grown a deaf ear to felonious words, uh So girls move it around If you see your main dog give a brother a pound And just uh.. Chorus: Q-Tip Breathe and Stop, for real and give it what you got, and justuhh Breathe and Stop, for real and give it what you got Give it what you got, give it what you got If you on the block then give it what you got [Q-Tip] A thug, a thrill, you as mean as the eyes [say word] I wanna feel you, them big ass thighs Your Prada dress or your Gucci bag with the Polo jeans over doobi-bag, uh Yo hold the door a-ight? We comin through, Tribe beef, hold it down for the night Big Moon got the fifth D-Lyfe he got the deally and girl you got the gif [yeah for reallove] turn it over the page Usherin all of y'all to a brand new age, where [yeah] status really don't matter everbody get right to the pitter the patter [come on] Makin moves, settin precedence Enterin your residence, the whole scene is decadence and the feelin is true I'm seein me and my crew, you seein black and blue, uh [yeah] So let's go for the ride Strap yourself in tight and if you bonafied then just uh Chorus [Q-Tip] Dunn what what bring it, bring it A-bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it bring it give it A-where we bring it to? Right here, right where? Right here, right where? Right here, right where? Right here, right where? Right here, right where? Right here, here here Right here, take it home home, take it home, right here [Q-Tip] Millenium, on your mind, are you runnin out of time? Hope you skippin every line because I'm gettin mine Move it around a bit again Every block every town we startin a trend [for real for real] Eye to eye ma and toe to toe [toe to toe] Who concentratin on killin the show? Penetration is methodically slow Mountain high valley low gonna find the dough [yo for real forreal] All my peoples, no matter the creed We gonna satisfy the urge and discover the need [uhh uhh uhhuhh] You feel, you feel the bite in this If you think I'm type real then invite me miss And let me say a rhyme in your ear Dancin close you the most and you fit in here [yeah] You feel the rhythm is right You know the spittin is tight You think you won't but I think you might, uh Chorus: 8x

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