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Those Days


I think of the past, I remember those days
I found a movement that was true for me

They were doing their best, they showed me the way
I knew my life would never be the same

The lessons I've learned and the values I've got
No other masters would teach me out

Those days are gone but the struggle is on and
The sacrifice still remains

They made me see
I should believe in myself
And I should never
Forget where I came from

They made it happen with
Just one simple lesson
Together we are strong

When I look back, you see, I have no regrets
All that I wanted became reality

The further I go, the deeper I get
Those were the days when I found my destiny

They made me see I should believe
Trust in myself and in the ones beside me
Become the change that you want for yourself
Forever it's gonna be written deep in my heart
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