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Rachael Lampa

What would you say if i told you about
A love too good to be real
would you reply that you've heard it a million times
You throw up your hands-never understans
Turns and walk alway,cry another tears
I know where your're coming from
I was Searching for the road that would lead me home


Where i'm free
free to believe what is real to me
Free-free to believe that he lives in me
La La La...La La La free

How would you feel if love fell in your arms
With the tenderness of a child
Would you be able to finally open your eyes
A love so strong it nevers begs-never borrows
Never steals from anyone
Even if i bend even if i sway even if i lose my way
I will always come home

Repeat Chorus

Free to love-free to dance-free to live your life with open
Hands thatreach for the way-closer to the edge youre hear the
Music play awaking all that once was slumbering's alive again
Cause i'm free...

Repeat chorus

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