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My Deliverer

Rachel Malafaia

Great and mighty are you, Lord!
Great and mighty are you!

Your word will always stand!
Lay my life in your hands
Throughout all the land, only you are my deliverer!
Your kingdom has no end
On you I shall depend
Through trials thick and thin, you alone are, my

Almighty, strong tower
Protector, all power
Provider, true guider
Hey, my deliverer
My healer, my keeper
My shelter, from danger
Redeemer, forever, my deliverer

Your love will never change
Your faithfulness remains
Power to break my chains
You alone are my deliverer
Of kingdoms great and small
You're the ruler of them all
All other gods will fall, but you alone are my

Everything I need you are
Everything I want you are
No greater love by far, my deliverer
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