Nowhere in the sun

Radical Dreamers

Nowhere in the sun

A soft scent reminds a feeling
That I used to call it home
Written on the solid rocks of time
Crossed the boundaries of the mind

It's nowhere in the river
It's nowhere in the Sun
The answers I thought
The answers I sought

Are nowhere in the Sun

I've come to worship many gods
All were lesser than my mind
They perished along my thoughts
Cause I knew they were disguises


Were nowhere in the Sun

Still I need to find that feeling
That once made me go on
Could it rest on somebody else?
Or could I find it by myself?
My framed soul's pursuit
Rides me so away from that
I try to find an answer
But only her I want

In the banks of the river, from the bottom of my soul
In the leaves in the winter, from the bottom of my soul
In the answers that I thought, the answers I sought.
She`s nowhere in the river, she`s nowhere in the sun…
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