Aloha Steve And Danno

Radio Birdman

McGarrett's on the line to Danno
We gotta pick up this guy
Put out an APB
Not much time to tell you why

Governor says it's top priority
Washington says so too
Tell Chin to get here fast
5-0 is on the move

Steve I want to say thank you
For all you've done for me
My night is dark and empty
When you're not on TV

There's an agent in the field
I want to have him tailed
He's been staying at the Hilton
He should be staying in the jail

He's working for the KGB
And here's his dossier
Those Reds won't be happy
Till this guy gets his way

Dark spectre of espionage
Hangs over fair Hawaii
McGarrett's one cool guy
The guilty will not go free

Steve and Danno they made the scene
The agent had done his deed
Caught with a stiff and a silenced gun
Said Book him Danno Murder One
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