Don't Forget Me


I´ll never tell you that I cry
So many times, alone in my car
Sometimes I ask why I didn´t avoid
That the time take you away from me

I´ll never tell you that I died
Inside of me, when we said goodbye
In times when I fell so sad
Alone in my bed, waiting on your call

I´am so alone, at 6:30 I wrote this song
Cause I can´t sleep anymore, without you

Don´t forget me
Everywhere I look
Every breath I took
I remember you

Don´t forget me, please
I´m so alone
And I wrote this song
For you remember me

I can´t even tell you that I tried
To find a way, to be with you
I always knew that it couldn´t happen
But I don´t know why, now I wanna try

I should tell you things
That I´ve never said to no one
The night we said goodbye
I was trying to say everything, but I just cried

Ponte / Refrão

Parte C:
I´m so alone, for you remember I wrote this song
I´m afraid I can´t live anymore, without

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