4 Elements


yo scrib yo check it out i got this cool wack pattern
slink u hears something?
what the hell is that
(beat box)
damn you, you must be scribbles (beat box) and dj slinky.
(beat box)
my name is rahzel the godfather of noise and here is my
brother Kenny mahardy the human orchestra.
if you are game... lets battle (round 1 fight!!!!)
jusr remember its man vs machine
(beat boxing and singing)
Hehehehe what do you think about dat?
i aint scared we'll crush you like some rice gang
you seem quite confident that you can beet me
(beat boxing and singing)
you still have much to learn now
(beat box)
i heard about your slinky tecnique it is not compatable to my style
(beat box)
but your still not ready for the 4 elements
(beat box)
(beat box)
(beat box)
And last but not least the WATER tecnique
(beat box)
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