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Friends And Traitors

Raised Fist

Noticing all these changes
Widening our fucking ranges
Writing down all these pages
Usually filled with rage when I jump onto the stages
I've been demolishing your bullshit for ages
This time I'm breaking it, our friendship, your smile
See you in the city while you are faking it

From hertz island we expanded
Never delivered or landed
More than the label demanded
Competition telling us to follow those guidelines, and to stay right handed
But music comes from the heart, lyrics from my head to my hand, and I 'm left handed

My friend watch out for the traitors
I see them, but I try to close my eyes for the haters

My name is alexander
The raised fist commander
The unsinkable ship never stranded
Not trendy, not even branded, 16 years and never disbanded
From hertz island we expanded

And I try to keep myself sober
Until the tour is over
Think I've grown a bit older
I'm burning inside, but my outside is much colder
Competition telling us to follow guidelines, to stay right handed
Music from the heart, lyrics from the head to my hand and I'm left handed
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