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Love Hurts

Ralph Tresvant

If I had my way, truly had my way
Our love would never, love would never have died
Was it wrong of me, wrong of me to think
That you would always be here by my side?
Girl I wish you would explain to me, why I'm not
I'm not deserving, deserving of your love?
I'm filled with pain and so much agony
And God how it hurts so deep, it's killing me baby ‘cause

Love hurts
Guilty or be innocent
It don't make no difference
Love don't love nobody
I'm telling you
Love hurts
Oooh it's going to bring you down
Though you might be innocent (might be innocent)
Love treats you no different, not from anyone

Yes you were my world, truly my world
And I could never, love this way again
Tell me how this man (oooooh) mends his broken heart
Find all the pieces, knowing it’s the end?
I know a man is not supposed to cry, but why not?
I can't be holding, holding this inside
If you could feel my pain and agony
Oh girl you would hurt so deep ‘cause it's killing me baby

All I know is that I did my best to love you
But maybe sometimes love just isn't meant, isn't meant to be baby
How I wish that love would spare me of this feeling
Because the pain inside, I cannot deny (?)
And I can't hide- how it's killing me—(ooh!)
Aw baby, I've never felt pain like this before baby
I'm telling you love hurts (oh hurts me baby!)

I tell you love don't love nobody
Baby when you really think about it
Because every chance we take, our heart could break
Maybe that's a chance we have to take
I'm telling you love hurts
If it take control of you completely
But if I had my way
Our love would stay, maybe I would never feel this pain

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