My Last Name


I can feel your goodbye comin'
Like a strom up from the south
The rain'll splatter at the back dooe
The wind'll whistle 'round the house
So it's you and Howie Johnson
Somebody told me at the store
I guess I'd better get used
To the idea of you
Not around anymore

And so I'm doin' my best to prepare for the worst
And I better get used to the hunger and thirst
I gotta find me a potion
To take for the pain
And all you've got to lose
Is my last name

I know he's cute and he's got money
I ain't no handsome fancy Dan
In a way it's sad and kinda funny
You'll be ok and I'll be damned
So I best be gettin' ready
For the bitter nights alone
Sleepin' on the couch
Wake up starting out
Livin' life on my own

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, all you've got to lose is my last name
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