Random Eyes

Stormy sky over my head
I can feel the glory
Looking in trough the window
With the eyes of my soul
I can see dimensions
I close my eyes
and I`m not here anymore

Thousands of demons
trying to shake my mind
I`ll never lose my faith in You
You are the King of Light
I believe in You

I turn my face to the darkness
where I belong
Like a candle in the night
I have the power in my hands
They can never hurt me
I`m the chosen one
not weak anymore

I will do this all for You
You changed my destiny
You are with me

It`s storming
It`s raining
And you feel cold inside
You`re flying
away from yesterday

I`m waiting
I wish you open your eyes
This blackness
around you
Why can`t you see?
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