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Hide Them In Your Love

Randy Stonehill

I've been walkin' on the street
I've been tryin' hard to smile
But every lonely face I meet
Makes it harder all the while
You know the heartache is all around
But no one seems to care


Won't You hide them
Hide them in Your love
Hide them in Your love

We've been dancin' on the razor's edge
You know we've got so much to lose
I get angry every time I see
The reckless things we do
You know we close our eyes
We live with lies
We trade in what is true

(Repeat Chorus)

Well, it seems so strange and sad
As I watch the world around me going mad
But I won't give up the fight
Won't give in to the night
I know it's going to be alright
Be alright with You

Won't You hide them
Hide them in Your love

The city seems so dead and gray
And all our dreams have turned to clay
Oh God, why did we let it get this way
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