Everything I Love

Ras Kass

Ron Isley's sample "For the Love" [different variations]
"For the love, for the the love, well, well, well"
Shit is lovely

[Ras Kass]
I rock Versacci, sippin VSOP and Hennessey in foam cups
Motorola flips with illegal chips
Strippers with, measurements of 38-24-36 with DSL's
but money talks ESL
While every cell in my trunk experiences mitosis
I gross this cream like Altima
So after I catch wreck nigga call FEMA
I mean I wouldn't claim to be phat if I thought a nigga could serve me
But I've never been seen like Cole's big bitch Big Shirley
on Martin, a human wonder drug
I put that on everything I love


[Ras Kass]
I watch the sun set west
Wear a V-S1 on my chest, in Compton play milk
While in between two breast and a yeast infection
And laid up bumping an ugly girl
I'm on some Kurtis Blow shit as if I Rule the World
But without the jheri curl
Strictly short natural hair steelo
So I go to rob a joe Next Episode like Chino
Rap tracks the super macks 150 Lexolution
I'm serving each sentence concurent til execution
Got niggaz running down the street buck naked cause on the mic I'm like Luke
Eradiction connection like Power Rangers flavors
Aside from my promiscuous sexual favors to my neighbors spouse
I'm D-MC without Run, so when you be illing
You be getting this dick in your mouth
So grab your Champagne glass and let the Moet flow
I serve love like John Mcenroe


[Ras Kass]
Trying to blow up like Pretty Toney without the loss of a limb
Not by selling trim but by the way I sell flem
Spitting game like Chick Hearns, listen, learn and recognize
I killed away more niggaz camphore then spermicide
So stop cock blocking me with all that jealousy
Cause playa hating is a street code felony
I got a pocket full of C-notes and food stamps
Just big bills and free meals baby so lamp
Sport DKNY when I'm flossing
but still buy my T-Shirts and socks from the Slausson Swap meet
and I rock beats without baking soda
God don't like ugly but shit is lovely


I'm a give a shout out to my niggaz
Nigga Xzibit
Organized Konfusion
Mistic Journeymen
Saafir, my nigga
You know
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