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rock bar


There's always a place in the city
Where all the girls are pretty
Yeah, there is cold beer
And good songs that I need to hear
No , I don't go there 'cause I'm bored
And yeah, 'cause that is everything I need
The smoke of cigarette
And the sound of the guitar
Inspires me to go ahead
And inspires the strippers
Rock bar , because I'm rocker
Rock bar, my friends are gonna be there
Rock bar,because I need it
Rock bar,there are nice girls waiting for me there too
When I remember my old passion
I see the bottle of scotch and drink it all
I wanna watch girls dancing
I wanna see through her underwear now
Going back home at the sunrise
I've lost my keys but I didn't lose my gun
My clothes are dirty ,one sneaker I've lost
I have a song in my mind its name is ghost
It's a long way back home
On a green grass I'm fallen like a stone
Women want me,my friends are angry with me
I wont fight but I won't let it go
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