Rebecca Lavelle

Dont judge,
Dont believe what you see,
Dont judge,
Theres so much more to me,
Its hard to be clear,
Its when i feel the fear

Im findin my way, im findin my way
I can do it alone,
Im findin my way, Im findin my way,
but theres so much, so much more to say,
Im findin my way

I feel,
That feelin is wrong,
I feel,
So lonely once more,
I trust,
That i cant survive,
I trust,
Its hard to stay alive


I choose,
the hard way to go,
And I choose,
Its all that I know,
Its dark, and i wanna see the light,
Its dark, and i wanna do whats right,

Im findin my way x6


Im findin my way x6,
along the long long road,
Findin my dreams
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