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Real Love

Rebecca Lynn Howard

We were young, moved way too fast
Soon the future was the past
Now here we are
Wondering who we are

Blame lust, blame it on fate
Blame it on we just couldn't wait
To feel the fire burning in our hearts

It ain't love, if it ain't real love
It ain't worth holding in this pain
When we're both about to burst
I think its time
We take a long hard look at us
'Cause it ain't love, if it ain't real love

We should try to shine a light
On the truth, what's wrong and right
That's the only way to get beyond the anger
Can't play love like it's a game
Say my touch ain't quite the same
And when I'm holding you
It's like I've held a stranger

Oh but hope may be the best for both of us
'Cause it ain't love, if it ain't real love
If ain't real love
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