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The Fine Line

Rebecca Rudolf

I don't wanna hear you, i
Don't wanna listen, i wanna be
Free to do my thing. i don't wanna
See you, i don't wanna feel you, i
Don't wanna know the

But i've been there
And i know, how this pattern goes.
It will just lead me astray. now,
I just want to change, try to turn
Away, from the dark.

Cause i'm just trying hard to walk
The fine line between loving you
And living my life. struggling to
Know where i should be, to find my
Independence, yet make you happy.

I don't know what's
Been truth, i don't know what's
Been lies, i just know i wanna do
What's right. need clarification,
Could use a vacation, somewhere i
Can go to think things through.

Take, take me back i know,
Know that i've been wrong. won't
You just draw me to you. so, i can
Run to you, and hear what's been
The truth, in these

Been so confused. my heart pulled
In so many directions. don't know
Which way to choose. i need some
Peace of mind that only in him i
Will find.
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