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Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd


Let's embrace our enemies
Frankish troops are passing us by
They burnt our past and heritage
You will greet them you will die

Let's deny our Gods and rites
May the past be black and burnt
For there is a future for us all
When the tides have turned

Washed away by holy water
The sins of our enemies
No higher price to stop the slaughter
Drenched in blood we bow to thee

You can't choose your fate. Whatever there will be
You can't turn away. Wherever you will go
There is no escape, oh no you can't escape
From the twists of fate. Wyrd bið ful aræd

When leaders have to kneel and pray
And kings have to obey
Oh brothers, sisters raise your heads
For there is no brighter day

Oh Wittekind accept your fare
How could you dare to doubt
Bow your head and be baptised
Or your people'll be wiped out

By death and destruction
Through murder and hate
We will always be led
Blindfold by fate

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