Red Car Wire

Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?
It's stupid to use the words others
Spent time to achieve
When the words that we're needing
Are inside us all somewhere
Waiting for rescues
They need to be free It's a lie not to listen
A sin, pessimistic when
Things that we need to say
Fall through the cracks
Like I love you, I miss you
I hate life with out you
And where have you been my love
I want you back.
So I don't feel alone in the world,
And baby yeah you're hard to get over,
We're older, it's just a little lie we tell all ourselves,
In itself, promise me, let's never get older.
So I don't miss the feeling of "left in the cold"
And this feeling of healing has long since been old
I find times when I'm missing the times you convinced me
I don't need somebody to hold my hand softly and tell me she's wishing
I wished she was with me cause I know now I'm drifting
I'm cleansed yet I'm missing the voice of an angel.
Leave it up to me to blow this whole thing aside
and think of nothing like were nothing
But were young and alive
The clock on your wall isn't moving at all
Lets break out
Lets go out
Get a room
A hotel baby
I'm not saying that I'll love you forever
Hell who am I kidding
Cause were perfect together
Notice that when we talk I can't help but stutter
Your to perfect for words
I just want you forever.
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