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A Girl Named

Red Roses For A Blue Lady

Devil girl, here's my heart to melt if you'd like...
You see i've singed and i'm ready to hurt again... pathetic girl, here's my heart to melt if you'd like, but doesn't it burn when your words lose the flame? i would never run and turn my back, i think in fact, i'd scream is straight to your face... the cries were merely lies to turn my eyes from an all look girl... you're such an all look girl... and i'll say it to save myself in the end again and again and again... there will never be a you and me because you lied to me at the same time you cried to me, and all the while i died to see that you chose me the one to be... the one that you used, i would've done anything for you... it's so like you to drop one thousand words and eight hours at the wonder of a face behind a screen type typing away... you living is a waste of a perfectly healthy heart... you showed me what love is, a fairy tale that fades with age... i'd open my wrists to mend this hearts hurt to a bitter end if i dare again... your starlit silhouette on the side of a car light bright interstate i regret... for every kiss i regret, for every day i regret, for every apology that i regret, there's one thousand times the regret for giving you the time of day... i hope this ruins you 'cause i regret every ounce of you... and it seems the rain only brought more smiles and more happiness at that... and its safe to say i won't forget your face, but i can honestly say i won't forgive you
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