Can't Smile

Vex Red

Keep it real,
I know that something is wrong with you.
I am too impatient to wait for something new.
Why can't I say what I need you to hear?
Find it hard to dream, I know that you are near.
You are near.

You'll be there to laugh your head off when I fall.
I will go with them to look for something more.

Subject to change, well you I can't defy.
Look at me close you'll see that I can't smile.
I can't smile.
I can't smile x8

Weird Voice:
Now Smile.
I can't talk to you.
Just do it.
Well man I can't smile without a reason.
Whats there to smile about?
Just do it!

You think you're so good with your talking, fuck your smoking.
Its not what its all about. x9

Thats not what its all about. x2
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