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Start Again


And I remember everything
Everything I loved
I gave it away like it wasn't enough
All the words I said and all you forgive
How could I hurt you again?

What if I let you win?
What if I make it right it?
What if I give it up?
What if I want to try?
What if you take a chance?
What if I learn to love?
What if, what if we start again?

On this time
I can make it right
With one more try
Can we start again?
In my eyes
You can see it now
Can we start again, can we start again?

The emptiness inside me
I wonder if you see
It's my mistake and it's hurting me
I know where we've been
How'd we get so far?
What if, what if we start again?

I'm lost inside the pain I feel without you
I can't stop holding on
I need you with me!
I'm caught inside the pain
Can we ever start again?
I'm lost without you!

One more try
Can we start again?
In my eyes, can you forgive me now?
(Can we start again?)
Can we start again (one more try?)
Can we start again?
Can we start again (can you forgive me?)
Can we start again?
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