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Long Over Due


Long over due
I’m bound undefinite here
Imprisoned with your vices
When I have so much stuff to do
Long over due
Immediately, I caught myself
Inclined to break from all these dead weights
Your morals and old rules
Forcing me to lose
I know that nothing’s gonna change
No matter how loud my voice seems to be
Your petty judgement reigns
This poisoned system
Dragged me underground
Unconscious burden
That set me up
I’m looking for new modes
Some mechanism of correction
Stay imune to your control
Panoptical control
Surveilance engines
Outdated methods
Ran by regulations of ancient questions
To whom I’d have to prove?
What would you have me do?
I’ve got the means to comprehend
Every hesitation or distraction
Adds another chain
Sinking and anchored
Like it or not
Don’t need your blessing
Nor your advice
All your misconceptions
I must leave behind
And rebuild it slowly
I’ll take my chances
Rebuild it slowly
I know it’s time to comprehend
Every single second hesitating
Adds a fucking chain
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