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Make It Like It Was

Regina Belle

Oooh, yeah

Everyday we used
To slip away to talk
We would talk about
The goodness of your heart
Now it seems I admit
That never exist at all
And it leaves me
Feeling empty
With this hollow chord

Make it like it was
The way it used to be
When i hungered
For your love
Make it like it was
It was easier for me
I know you're able
To make it like it was

At a certain time
You would find me
On my knees
Asking you to show light
On my brother's needs
Now it seems the needs
Are a secondary thing
And it truly
Makes me wonder
Whats really happening


Now when I compare
There's really no comparing
I just want it
The way it used to be
Just the thought of living
With the horror
Makes me ask that you
Make it like it was


Oooh, yeah
Make it like it was
Make it like it was
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