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Go Mr. sunshine

Remi Nicole

Pump it louder please

You know it's summer when
you call up and tell your friend
of your amazing bikini set
that you bought at topshop

you know itis hot outside
when things are really going right
and its still light at nite
and in the pubs there are no fights

gooooo mr sunshine go go
(go mr sunshine)
your gonna rise up in the sky and say hello
(rise up in the sky and say hello)
the streets are like a fashion show
(the streets are like a fashion show)
so get outside cause its summer time dont you know

you summer has kicked off
when the boys have got there shirts off
even the fat old men with the hairy chests
when keeping them on would be best
so girls walk around with nothing on
cause they know the sunshine wont last long
so they really have to market themselves
cause in the winter they'll be left on the shelf


go go
go go
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