Be With You

Renee Renee

I promise to love, honor and hold and keep you strong
You started just another phase of keeping warm
I bought it, it's a heart that mostly money flew away
You wanted everything of everything the same

And I can't fight the feelings that I get when I'm away from you
It feels just like a dagger being thrown across the room
And I don't know the meaning of this life when I'm not part of you
It must mean that my love will always be with you

I called it, the first time and the last time that I cried
You haunted, my mind and broken heart with all your lies
I brought it, it's a heart that all my passions went away
You lost it, told me find a brand new love to play

I called you, almost everyday when I was down
You promise that you would put my feet back on the ground
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