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Paper Doll

Renee Renee

Millions of people looking for love
is it a secret from heaven above
willing and waiting wishing for more
will somebody save me and ulock my heart

Seasons are changing the passage of time
living in sequence don't step out of line
can anyone see this is everyone blind
and walk through the darkness
us follow the light..

I see what I say I say what I see does everything seems so different to me I saw what i said I said what I saw coming in different just running it hot..

Read the writing on the wall precious paper doll the pages fall apart I just cant shake it from my head and all the things you said they only break my heart..

Step out of your comfort and into your fears
Jumping through windows sucking up tears
reason with knowledge
changing the gears
remember be honest forget all those years…

chorus. chorus....

Remember that first kiss when time was lost and love was missed recall my fingertips caress your neck and lick your lips.
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