Everything Is Changing


As i lie here on the floor
I wonder if i should feel guilty
Cause there's a part of me that wants to stay
The other wants to go away

And every time
Feels like i'm trapped in my mind

Everything is changing
Nothing stays the same
It's been a while since i tried to figure it out
How can i be sorry?
We'll never know the end of the story
If we don't turn the page
As i see you walking through the door
I'm still looking for something
To say
Like: “it's okay, goodbye. i knew that you would walk away from the start…”
From the start

So and all this time i was lying to myself
Wasn't i?

I’ll turn the page
I'll burn the book
I'll close my eyes as if i could pretend i'm alright
This is the biggest lie
So many things i left unspoken
But you can't break what it's already broken
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