Return To Innocence

Again the day which makes sad
and tears flood hundreds of eyes.
A bell signifying to all
another life will be passed away.
Beautiful youth finishing its voyage
in violent death, verdict of aegis.

Master , no motives.
Without throbs on the judge's order,
He finishes, the girl's life.
Perhaps,he'll feel a sorrow in his heart,
but he's got no right to decide.

Satan's caper hurls sentence
and earth engulfs( the) shackled body.
Without proofs, just in a blind aegis,
he makes( the) dependant beg on knees.

Temple of pain long ago in its walls
holds dismay and despair.
Only master executioner waits for a sentence,
in nights without dreams, without qualms.
Fills every order,
how soulless he proceeds to other executions.
On the sill of death he stays alone,
only God and him sows death around.
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