What You Got


you better buck- buck- buckle up, prepare for this impact-
car crash whiplash, 'bam', snap your neck back in half
why can't i just be realistic?
give 'em what they want and make the biddies go ballistic
sadistic motherfuckers playing complicated-
well never underestimate the underestimated
opinionated, elevated, sticking to my guns
and i think your gonna get just what you got coming

that's the penalty-
payback's a bitch so you best keep running
that's the penalty-
it's what you got coming

yo, can i ask you something,
what the fuck is up man?
you got nothing, it's just a fairy tale your stuck in
i'm sucking from that 7 on 7
pumping and roughing up all of these fakes that be bluffing
nothing you can say could ever take this away now
so stay down-
and stay the fuck away from this playground
lyrical hijack, put my madness to my method-
check it, mic in my hand, nah, more like a lethal weapon

go blind, bring the drums-
better yet, here we come
you take back what you done or you can tuck tail and run
ready or not- find yourself
and if you dare stop running i think your gonna get just what you got coming
bring it-
your gonna get just what you got- what you got?
your gonna get just what you got coming
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