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Five Shots


Enter the realm of deception
swallow the lies
isolation and smoking reefer
open my eyes
brainwashing the masses
stop watching tv
the problems with our social classing
proud to fit a category
you are just a fucking fagget
I'll snap your neck pussy
never again must we see
the rise of prophecy
pray to your currency savior
the only way to free your mind is to sit
and get stoned into total detachment
that's why pot is forbidden
take back your freedom
there is a new church
the church of the greenleaf
smoke yourself into freedom
smoke and get high till the day that you die
smoke everyday no matter what they say
pot is just smoked
money is mainlined
currency must reign
never again
you stand right over me
watching, you're just waiting to see
till I fuck up, then you can arrest me
the only way through is via thc induced coma
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